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Severný Spiš Pieniny, Slovensko
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akcia Rosa canina with Sea-buckthorn BIO, Action, Agrokarpaty | Curative plants, teas
Package: Weight: 30 g, 20 hygienically packaged tea bags (1,5 g)
Application: The tea has a positive effect on human organism, refreshes the excessive fatigue and enhances immunity. Rosa canina - dog-rose balances a deficiency of vitamin C, has a stimulating effect and is a source of provitamin A and P. Sea-buckthorn is a natural multivitamin that contains a lot of active antioxidant substances that protect cells from free radicals, has biostimulative effects, strongly supports the immune system, is suitable for recovery, regenerating tissues, has anti-tumour effects and purifies the organism.
Recommended drinking 2 or 3 times a day.
Composition: BIO Rosehips - fruit
BIO Sea-buckthorn - fruit
BIO Peppermint - top
Preparing: Pour boiling water (0.25 l) onto tea-bag and allow it to infuse for at least 15 minutes.
Certificate: Grade label, Quality Certificate
Price: 1,57 €

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