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Curative plants, teas, massage oils | AGROKARPATY Plavnica
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Medicinal Plants

Products of Company AGROKARPATY s.r.o. in the Plavnica contain medicinal plants, which are growing in environmentally clean surrounding in area of the Pieniny and Magura Mts. close High Tatra Mts. This same is valid about wild plants and wild forest fruits. All products are clean, i.e. without artificial flavour, colours and aromas. That's why human organism is accepting them very well and it is reacting by positive way. Notable experts on the field of phytotherapy are sharing in processing of composition of tea-mixtures. The experts became from towns Košice, Nitra, Bratislava, Brno, Prague and Uzhorod.

Agrokarpaty s.r.o. in the Plavnica was established in 1993. Cultivation of medicinal plants is its main activity. Forest region of the district Stará Ľubovňa belongs between areas environmentally clean and suitable for cultivation of ecological agricultural products. Environmentally friendly and well-considered farming with earth, development of its optimal composition and soil fertility is the base of the economy. This aim is achieving by way of regularly supply of compost produced from own waste during and after gathering and processing of medicinal plants and also by well-balanced rotation of crops – it means by alternation of crop-plants. This procedure is important for keeping and increasing of soil fertility and for provision of nutrients, which are important for plant growth. Alternation of crops markedly contributes to limiting of plant pests occurrence and causal agents which are living over in soil. We also care for cultivation of intercrops determined to green fertilization by deep-rooted and low-rooted plants for equilibration between fertility and adequate intensity of soil using. Processing of plants is running by maximally thrifty method according with conditions of ecological management with aspect of environment protection and county protection in relevant area. All articles are made from pure natural products suitable to daily use with supporting medicinal respectively restorative effect.

Fruit Teas

Fruit teas are made from fruits, tiny fruits and forest fruits. They are source of vitamins and other natural substances which are increasing organism immunity and its natural stamina against infections. They are suitable against distress, during summer heats and also as cooled freshener.

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