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BIO tea

Common Yarrow STINGING TEA BIO Ribwort Plantain BIO Lemon balm – Melissa officinalis Carpathian tea with sea-buckthorn BIO
Lucerne grass BIO Tea for pregnant women BIO BIO SLOVAKIA BIO Milk Thistle Tea with Chamomile for the regeneration of the liver BIO tea Cold & Flu
BIO Bronchitis and cough tea BLACKCURRANT TEA CYPRIAN´S APOTHECARY - BIO Cyprians Tea Sea-buckthorn with Lemon Balm Bio Sea-buckthorn with Buckwheat BIO
Rosa canina with Sea-buckthorn BIO Lemon balm with Sea-buckthorn BIO BIO TATRY BIO PIENINY BIO RAFTING TEA - herbal tea

A price of bio foods corresponds with their quality

The price of bio foods corresponds with their natural origin, quality and view to environment:
  • ecological production needs more manual work (e.g. manual weeding, manual harvesting),
  • production is seasonal matter and "in small range" - small amount of products are processing according with large variety of them,
  • with regard to processing and stocking of bio foods without using of chemical agents their post-harvest life shorter and it needs more frequent processing, packing, dispersing shipments etc...
  • live and raw foods simultaneously mean higher risk of losses during the all degrees of production and processing bio foods are checked.

Were you thinking ever about this why bio foods are so tasty for grain moth? Because they are living!

It depends on us - customers, whether we want to buy cheapest or whether we will prefer best quality and taste.

What is it BIO? What is it BIO foods and ecological farming?


Ecological farming is natural and a modern way, which is based on the thousandth years old of experiences of our ancestors. It is characterized by positive relation and respect to environment. It is comeback to common sense and sensitive heart. System of ecological farming is defined according with actual legislative on national and European level. Any farmer, who is farming in condition of ecological farming, has to absolve a regularly checking, whether his farming is in accordance with legislative on ecological farming.
- It is a modern system of farming, which exists without using of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers and without ill-use of animals, products quality and healthy bio foods. Ecological farming simultaneously contributes sustainable well-balanced cultural countryside and creates conditions for prosperity of country.

Motto of ecological farming

Health soil -> health plants -> health animals -> health foods = sustainable life

BIO FOODS are produced by ecological way by farmer who's in care to soil and plants get by without industrial fertilizers and pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. People in converting plants for bio products are people considering similarly as ecological farmers, because during production of bio foods waiver of conditions for using artificial flavouring agents, colouring agents and taste or flavour-enhancers and consistency enhancers. Therefore they keep for customer a possibility to enjoy BIO food in its natural colour, taste, flavour and beauty.

Why ecological farming? [and what about possibilities?]

Country around us is a mirror of our work. Today's picture had been originating whole thousands years. It is like a book of history, which had been written by our ancestors and we are writing into it henceforth. On a small attention we can read in the book - and to differentiate places, where people are living together with nature in harmony and clever farming and running they are leaving healthy and rich country and on the other hand, there is places where nature had been used unilaterally for short time profit for its users.

For example a soil.
Except that it is capable to yield harvest, it is able and does much more yet. It sustains moisture in country and provides it to living organisms also during dry season, it can to filter water and so it is cleaned. It provides environment to a lot of all sorts of micro-organisms, which can do to disarticulate nearly all matters and through this way they support nutrient cycling. Soil can also to disintegrate relics of plant and animal tissues impugned by different illnesses and by this way soil takes care on hygiene of the whole country.
However, if it can do it, soil must to be whole healthy and undisturbed.

Ecological farming

It has been arisen by connection of hundreds of years old experiences of our ancestors and updated information of modern science knowledge. Simplified told, ecological farming use country by way, which isn't threatening it: It is able to collaborate with earth, takes fruits and gifts of earth and at the same time it provides favourable conditions for its other abilities and functions. Only by this sensitive approach it will be possible to gather harvest from our fields also many years later. Ecological farming primarily doesn't import into environment foreign matters in form of different chemical agents. Harvest is protected only by biological way, eventually mechanically. Heavy mechanisms almost aren't used. Healthy state of soil is provided by mulching, green manuring and by other methods orientated to nature. Neither it doesn't develop pressures to nature nor by violence doesn't it reform nature.

And what about guarantees?

BIO medicinal plants are gathered and processed in region with long time of grower tradition in ecological clean environment of Pieniny Mts. and Zamagurie region. They are governed by close BIO checking of certification organization, which for every cultivated plant issues certificate on ??of?? authenticity of raw material. Following all production technologies and final products are passing through narrow company inspection and also they are checking by certification organ NATURALIS SK.

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