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Orange Meadow,

MEDICINAL PLANTS from Zamagurie site helped also to Ukrainian president Viktor Juščenko. He was after poisoning in grave health condition and peoples from Plavnica for him prepared according with Ukrainian request and sent one hundred packs of excellent herbal tea. And it took.

Galega officinalis supports the production of breast milk. Experts from Plavnica from it produced nursing tea for breastfeeding mothers and just it is the most sought kind from among all theirs products. Also tea, which contains Leuzea carthamoides has good influence to man's potency. Who spent much time with computer, for them is set detoxifying tea. "Don't forget, that influences of tea express oneself after a long time period, you have to drink it about three months", recommends phyto-technical expert Dipl. Ing. Mikuláš Bobuľský from AGROKARPATY Plavnica Company.

Everybody knew

Mountain region close the town Stará Ľubovňa belongs to the purest environmental areas in Slovakia. It is excellent presumption for growing of medicinal plants and local peoples availed it. "Medicinal plants are growing in our region since 1983. At first it was in agricultural co-operative, but after velvet revolution we separated and established private company. At the present time we are growing medicinal plants on the square of 253 hectares. Generally we are using 120 kinds", said Mr. Bobuľský. He has always relation to medicinal plants. "I come from nearby village Šambron and everybody in our village knew herbs. In my young days I saw, that herb-woman cure hand of my grandpa during one week, otherwise amputate of the hand threatened. When I was older, my mother ordered me that I have to make a list and pictures of all medicinal plants. Up to the present day I am thankful her for it", he said. He all the time search the herb, which was helpful to his grandpa. On the local meadows it grows, but isn't in any atlas. "Up to now all medicinal plants and their characteristics aren't fully explored, "he said. Working with herbs, as he fills in, is very exacting work. Firstly we have to obtain needed seeds, properly take care of soil, hoe the plants, removing of weed, correctly collect them, sparingly to dry and for preparing final product we need good herb formulas. "We didn't use all of them, but we are preparing new ones also", we know it. Company from Plavnica co-operates with front experts from Slovakia, Czech Republic and Ukraine also.

Harvesting season

Mr. Bobuľský has taken us to field. "If you had been here before a few weeks ago, whole meadow was whitened from chamomile", he is speaking. In the first half of the July we have in front of us orange meadow. Pot marigold is just harvesting. "It is a universal herb, has excellent healing qualities and it is effecting as antibiotic, "Mr Bobuľský explains. "We are hand-picking from pot marigold blossom only. During summer we are on the field and out of season we are working in packing room", one of the harvesters - Anna Knapíková is speaking. Magnificent medicinal herb Malva neglecta (Common mallow) is with purple blossom, full of bees, growing beside loftily up to man height. "They don't bite", Michaela and Petra Štupáková are laughing, students, who during summer season earn a little extra money on the field. "We don't use chemical matters. During seeding we diversify crops, wherewith we are increasing soil fertility and limiting occurrence of plant pests", continues our guide. A bit beside common agrimony is growing, it has healing anti-inflammatory and diuretic effect, and we smell to chirping relaxing antiseptic spear-mint and soothing antibacterial lemon balm and also next herbs. "There up it is untouched by civilization", Mr. Bobuľský shows towards Levočské vrchy Mts. There wild growing plants and forest fruits are harvesting.

Contrary to the cancer

"On the three-hectare plantation, only one on Slovakia, we planted out (Common) Sea-buckthorn, plant of third century", describes shrubs Mr. Bobuľský. In the meantime they have green fruits, but in August they obtain orange colour, people start to harvest them. Fruits have beside other excellent influences also anticancer effects. Peoples from Plavnica up to two years will produce from them not only tea, but also jams, compote and pap.

Only one herb company-store is in Plavnica village. In racks we can see all one hundred eighty-one tea sorts, massage oils, fragrant cushions and capsules. "Regularly at our place long-distance buses are stopping and passengers are buying, tourists are going into our shop and we have also customers even from Bratislava - capital city," Lucia Jurašovská - store manager is speaking.

Source: journal - Život (Life)

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